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Through his career, he has released five alums with the band, ‘System of a Down’ and has additionally released three solo albums as well.When Tankian is not performing or recording songs in the studio, he dons his creative hat and pens poetry.Fans continue to hold out hope that the 2015 dates will lead to new music from the multi-platinum hard rock quartet, the first since 2005's jokingly says we won't ask him about new System music unless he has exciting news to report, he laughs and says, "Thank you."No Doubt, System of a Down & More Ring in 25 Years of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas In the decade since SOAD last recorded music, Tankian has been a composer in classical, jazz and film scoring and worked with orchestras and as a painter. It's a new phase in my musical evolution as a composer," he told us in the Forum hallways.Basking in his creative freedom and renaissance, Tankian is happy to continue to explore."To me, it's all music. "To me, it's all the same, coming and playing the shows.Serj Tankian (Armenian: Սերժ Թանգեան) is the Armenian-American lead vocalist for System of a Down, as well as a keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter for the band.Serj is also a record producer, and a activist for such causes as anti-globalism anti-militarism, and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.He was born in Beirut in 1967 but raised in Los Angeles, attending an Armenian school in his youth.

An ardent political activist, Serj Tankian founded an organization ‘Axis of Justice’ aimed to motivate the youths’ interest in politics.

Serj Tankian is a renowned musician and lead vocalist for the Grammy Award-winning rock band, ‘System of a Down’.

Apart from being known as the lead singer of this famous rock band, he is also the record producer of ‘Serjical Strike Records’, musician, poet and political activist.

Serj Tankian is the lead singer, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist of the Alternative Metal band System of a Down, and also known as a political activist of Armenian descent.

During System of a Down's hiatus, Serj released his debut album, on October 23, 2007.

The group works with grassroots political organizations to combine music with sentiments of anti-war beliefs, anti-racism, anti-censorship, and anti-corporatism.

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