8 rules for dating my ex wife

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One mom mentioned her neighbor, who was apparently living with her ex-husband full-time because they couldn’t afford separate households. “People think he’s too cheap to pay support and she’s too lazy to get a job,” sniped the friend who told me the Abington couple’s tale over coffee.Each parent takes responsibility for their two daughters a few nights a week and every other weekend.

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The number one rule of the Girl Code is to never date your close friends' exes, so I think this applies double if it's your sister. -- Girl Code Believer The Frisky: 30 things every woman should quit doing by 30 Dear Girl Code Believer: What's with all this "Girl Code" business? It's time to start living your life by a more mature philosophy and treating people with respect and making decisions based on individual situations rather than blindly following a "code" that never considers context.I figured it has been 15 years, we are both grown adults now and, yes, part of me wanted him to see just how fabulous I turned out.